Successful French learning

22 Jan

Watch one of my students (J. Palmer is himself a teacher in Ireland) speaking about the French that he learns in my Thursday group class:

Click HERE

There are many reasons why French is such a popular language to learn. It is one of the most pleasant languages to listen to, it is often associated to culture, food, tourism… and it is often useful to get a job. French and English are the only languages spoken on each continent of the world. If you can speak English, you can learn French without struggling and you will enjoy it. English is a Germanic language that has been influenced and transformed by the French language through  over 400 years of Norman invasion and occupation by William The Conqueror in 1066 and during which around 17000 English words were replaced by French words! (clickhere). It is so much easier to learn French when you are aware of the French root of words found in so many English words. There are several rules to understand and memorize that speed up the learning of the French language. Hundreds of English words are identical to the French equivalent words, some French words (especially) have been transformed slightly  (added accents, one or two letters removed) but once the change has been understood, it is such a powerful way to learn the language.

What makes people think that French and English are two very different languages is that they sound so different. Written French and spoken French are very different, they are almost two different languages. Many letters are silent, many are pronounced ‘the very French way’ and the accents are so different.

My teaching isn’t only about learning the grammar and rules, it also incorporates the dimension of similarity between the two languages and it makes the learning far more interesting, fun and easy.

Are you ready to start? êtes vous prêt/e?

Before you take a decision, here are a few pictures of the Dordogne region:

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